From One Concept You Can Get…

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From One Concept You Can Get…

This is probably one of my most ‘classic’ images which receives constant attention and likes.

Its a ring I made nearly 20 years ago and was commissioned by my late father, Johnny, for my mother, Linda, as a birthday gift. A Blue Sapphire to represent Johnny (because he only ever wore blue) and two diamonds for each of his daughters, Sarah and Louise. Its hand-forged from a tapered length of wire which begins with a big curl at one end before meandering into a waved curve set with precious stones. Little did I know then that this curled-form would be something that would become a staple as one of my signature style ‘elements’.

The concept for the ring came from the research I had been doing into my obsession for wrought iron-work and railings mixed with stylised organic forms. It was a one-off at the time and made individually.

Today I have hand-made numerous ‘versions’ of this ring by tweaking the design repeatedly in many different guises with double bands, different stones and metals BUT I had never actually thought about putting this exact design into production until recently. I have now taken the ring band, remade it and then had it cast so that I can repeat it. I can then add any variations of stones to create different rings with ease and speed!!!

I really don’t know why I didn’t think about this sooner…I could’ve had 20 years of sales history behind me for this ring alone!!! What designs or pieces of yours are popular that you could re-tweak and put into production?

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